Big House Bordeaux

Big House Perdita (Patti)

Big House Perdita (Patti)

January 9, 1999-June 28, 2011
Rest In Peace

Big House Perdita (Patti)
Girard, PA: June 28, 2011 it is with great sadness that that I announce the passing of Big House Perdita (Patti). 

Patti was 12 1/2 years old, which is almost unheard of for a Dogue de Bordeaux to reach this age.  She had a quality life right until the end, she was loving to both humans and other animals.  Patti's mother also live to 12 years of age.

Her sire was Big Houses's Louie the Undertaker and Big House's Geea.
Some of her legacy remain in Big House's Asia and Big House's Jackson( Owned by Tom & Wendy Shearer)

Patti was incredibly calm, taking each day as it came without fuss or complaints. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She loved her crate and would lay with her head propped up on the wire, even though she had loads of room to lay comfortably. She was a wonderful guardian and a very attentive mother. Patti was the kind of dogue everyone wanted to take home. I was so lucky to have her. I had asked Tom & Wendy to care for her because of my other female was aggressive to her and I didn't want anything to happen to her. For taking Patti and giving her the best life a dogue could ever have, I thank both Tom & Wendy. She will be so missed. She is now young and healthy over the rainbow bridge, rest in peace my sweet girl.

Patti had several litters, Big Houses' Montana, was her husband. When the pups were at the weaning stage, Patti felt I wasn't doing a good job feeding her babies, she would eat her food and then she would regurgitate it for the babies. The pups would charge after her for a meal and there was I also charging after all of them with paper towels.. She was one incredible bitch

I have so many fond memories of Patti, one more stands out in my mind. I had gone to work and arrived home about 9 hrs later only to find her litter running all over my house and Patti running after them cleaning up pee and poop, she looked at me as if to say " I tried to keep the place clean and control all of the babies but now its your turn!" She was exhausted. They had gotten out of the puppy play pen, but Id swear to this day she somehow let all of them out!

She will be fondly remembered by all whom knew her and sadly missed... rest in peace Patti!

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